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We have all at some time been helped by surgery and pharmaceuticals. It may have only been a stitch to close a wound or a pill to block pain but without these long standing medical methods we may not have got to where we are now. But what if that wound had been infected and turned to gangrene and if that pain had been caused by the early stages of cancer would we have survived? Most likely we would have died. Traditional medicine struggles with wounds, cancer, psoriasis, periodontal infection and many other common, debilitating diseases.

It is in these areas where surgery and pharmaceuticals fail that CellSonic succeeds. We give you a new branch of medicine. There are no side effects, no risks, it is non-invasive and the costs are low. The technology is based on the pressure pulses developed forty years ago to pulverise kidney stones. CellSonic has made the machines smaller, weaker, faster and much lower in price. The main advance is the high voltage switching used to make the high pressure pulses.

It is the fast switching of the CellSonic medical machine that makes it unique. The intense pressure pulse it produces kills all infection, increases vascularisation, repairs nerves and stops cancer. No drugs can do all this so efficiently and safely. CellSonic works with the immune system to heal without the risk of collateral damage.

In the pages of this website there are more details. We expect you to have lots of questions so we are not here writing a text book, only an introduction. This site is an invitation to ask questions and we will reply quickly. The patients are priority.

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